Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Stop Body Shaming

Recently in the Media, this advert:
Protein World 
Has come under scrutiny by the public. It seems that, women from all over the world are angry that Protein World - a protein shake company, have asked 'Are you Beach Body Ready?', therefore putting pressure on the women who read it. In a backlash attempt, the public have been defacing these signs -
'Your Body is Beautiful'
But as a female in my early 20's, probably the main target audience for these shakes, I am not offended. For me, and my peers, talking about our 'bodies' and 'diets' is something we discuss regularly, to get into shape for summer. Women who read these signs can decide whether they want to take action, or they can either think 'actually, I'm quite happy with my body, thanks but no thanks'. Today, the controversy surrounding women's body image seems higher than ever.
Neither of these are something to 'aspire' to be. However, if these two women, are both happy within their bodies, who are we to judge to say they can't flaunt it in a bikini? I'm far from perfect, and its great seeing people stand up for themselves, but it just seems everything regarding this advert has been taken out of proportion. 

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