Monday, 4 August 2014

Jetting off and Jobs

I didn't stay in Newcastle as planned. Got bored and came home.
Since my last post, I've been on holiday and started an internship!
I went to (don't judge me now it was cheap) Malia for a 18-30's holiday. And after a week of drinking, have came to the conclusion, to put it politely. Malia is a shit'ole.

I now have skiing in December to look forward to with Northumbria University in Les Arcs.
Back to the internship. Before I set off on my jollies, I did a weeks work experience at Chester Standard, doing press releases and going to court (which I found very interesting). However some of the time I found myself a burden, and being bored.

During my holiday, I received an email I would be starting an internship at Marketing PRojects in Chester. So far I've done a weeks worth and found the whole experience really enjoyable (and not like a burden!).
I haven't done any work with PR at uni, but I know I want to go into that field so this has been really positive for me.

Now that I'm working 5 days a week and at the weekend working at Wetherspoons and my local pub I've been struggling to have a social life. So I've stopped Wetherspoons for now (woooooooo rejoice rejoice).

 I go back up to uni on the 21st August and my birthday is on 22nd. Friends from home, girls I met in Thailand and Malia are all coming so i'm really excited to be surrounded by so many people on my birthday. I'm also dreading at the same time turning 20...

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