Tuesday, 24 June 2014

No longer in Geordie land!

SO. That ball I wrote about in my previous post..
I spent all day getting ready, doing my makeup, doing my hair, only to put on the dress and have it rip 5 minutes before I was out the door. I had to settle for a black maxi dress I hadn't worn in about 3 years. Nevertheless I had a great night...

My bad luck hasn't ended there recently either, I also that week slipped behind the bar whilst working with two cocktail jugs in my hand... and 2 days before that broke my toe on a night out (how I did so I am not sure..)

My plans for summer were to stay in Newcastle, work full time at Wetherspoons (ew) and basically just earn money. After 2 weeks of being on my own, I decided that this was the worst idea ever after being extremely bored and lonely, so now i'm back home in Chester! Still working at a different Wetherspoons, and also a pub job, but at least I'm not lonely! I may be going on holiday too in three weeks so I've started/attempted to diet and plan a lil' summer wardrobe.

Ciao for now x

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  1. Literally loneliness is why I decided to move back to England early! It's soo shit when all the uni friends have left hahahah xxxx