Thursday, 22 May 2014

The Latest Goings On...

So basically. I haven't been updating this as much as I'd like to, due to having two jobs, and only getting a mere one day off a week.. if that.
So two nights ago. I went to bed around 4am. Luke, my flatmate was on a night out, and left the back door unlocked so he wouldn't wake me up when I came in. He came in around 6am, and in the morning discovered his laptop and charger had gone, as well as our back door key.
Yes. We'd been burgled, whilst I was alone asleep in the house. The thought of it is very creepy, and we had the police round yesterday morning and forensics.
This morning the locks have been changed. However I'm still very scared and nervous being alone in this house - (which is most of the time). Let this be a warning to people, always lock your back door no matter what!
With that palaver over. I have a ball coming up on Saturday and this is my dress:
Anyone have any ideas what colour shoes and bag to go with this? 

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