Tuesday, 13 May 2014

End of Year Two

I've finished! FINI DONE OVER. I feel such a weight of my shoulders right now. I'm spending my summer however working full time, hopefully to save up for Berlin in September and Canada for New Year!
I'm feeling a little sad now, that going into 3rd year is going to be hard work. Like really hard.

So after being a student in Newcastle for 2 years now, I'm going to give a few tips on student life.

1. When deciding whether something is out of date, if it smells fine, eat it. Unless it's green then don't..
2. Always buy a metro ticket. Don't even risk it. I've learnt after 3 fines, even if the metro is there and you don't have time to buy one, BUY ONE. 
3. Don't take your card out on a night out, you will overspend and be the nice 'hey guys this ones on me!' and regret it fully in the morning. 
4. If you're gonna eat some of your housemates food, do try and replace it. They will like you a lot more. 
5. Try and budget.. ish... I sound like your mother. But blowing your whole loan in a month may be a fabulous idea at the time but not for the following months after...
6. Berocca is the cure for hangovers. I swear by it. That or the superdrug own version which is much cheaper.
7. Fancy dress is a must. You will need it, especially for Halloween!
8. Don't shop when hungover, I'm not sure if this applies to everyone, but I seem to purchase very unnecessary things.
9. Hot water bottle and blanket for those winter months is essential.
10. Take your bins out. You don't want any extra friends like we had :(

And finally some Geordie slang
Mortal = Drunk
I Cannit = I can't
Divvnt = Don't
Bairn = Baby
Radgy = A chav
Us/Is = me
Howay man = Is like a positive/negative phrase. Im not too sure on it yet either
Pet = What I am called by old geordie men when working
Doylem = idiot

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