Monday, 4 August 2014

Jetting off and Jobs

I didn't stay in Newcastle as planned. Got bored and came home.
Since my last post, I've been on holiday and started an internship!
I went to (don't judge me now it was cheap) Malia for a 18-30's holiday. And after a week of drinking, have came to the conclusion, to put it politely. Malia is a shit'ole.

I now have skiing in December to look forward to with Northumbria University in Les Arcs.
Back to the internship. Before I set off on my jollies, I did a weeks work experience at Chester Standard, doing press releases and going to court (which I found very interesting). However some of the time I found myself a burden, and being bored.

During my holiday, I received an email I would be starting an internship at Marketing PRojects in Chester. So far I've done a weeks worth and found the whole experience really enjoyable (and not like a burden!).
I haven't done any work with PR at uni, but I know I want to go into that field so this has been really positive for me.

Now that I'm working 5 days a week and at the weekend working at Wetherspoons and my local pub I've been struggling to have a social life. So I've stopped Wetherspoons for now (woooooooo rejoice rejoice).

 I go back up to uni on the 21st August and my birthday is on 22nd. Friends from home, girls I met in Thailand and Malia are all coming so i'm really excited to be surrounded by so many people on my birthday. I'm also dreading at the same time turning 20...

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

No longer in Geordie land!

SO. That ball I wrote about in my previous post..
I spent all day getting ready, doing my makeup, doing my hair, only to put on the dress and have it rip 5 minutes before I was out the door. I had to settle for a black maxi dress I hadn't worn in about 3 years. Nevertheless I had a great night...

My bad luck hasn't ended there recently either, I also that week slipped behind the bar whilst working with two cocktail jugs in my hand... and 2 days before that broke my toe on a night out (how I did so I am not sure..)

My plans for summer were to stay in Newcastle, work full time at Wetherspoons (ew) and basically just earn money. After 2 weeks of being on my own, I decided that this was the worst idea ever after being extremely bored and lonely, so now i'm back home in Chester! Still working at a different Wetherspoons, and also a pub job, but at least I'm not lonely! I may be going on holiday too in three weeks so I've started/attempted to diet and plan a lil' summer wardrobe.

Ciao for now x

Thursday, 22 May 2014

The Latest Goings On...

So basically. I haven't been updating this as much as I'd like to, due to having two jobs, and only getting a mere one day off a week.. if that.
So two nights ago. I went to bed around 4am. Luke, my flatmate was on a night out, and left the back door unlocked so he wouldn't wake me up when I came in. He came in around 6am, and in the morning discovered his laptop and charger had gone, as well as our back door key.
Yes. We'd been burgled, whilst I was alone asleep in the house. The thought of it is very creepy, and we had the police round yesterday morning and forensics.
This morning the locks have been changed. However I'm still very scared and nervous being alone in this house - (which is most of the time). Let this be a warning to people, always lock your back door no matter what!
With that palaver over. I have a ball coming up on Saturday and this is my dress:
Anyone have any ideas what colour shoes and bag to go with this? 

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

End of Year Two

I've finished! FINI DONE OVER. I feel such a weight of my shoulders right now. I'm spending my summer however working full time, hopefully to save up for Berlin in September and Canada for New Year!
I'm feeling a little sad now, that going into 3rd year is going to be hard work. Like really hard.

So after being a student in Newcastle for 2 years now, I'm going to give a few tips on student life.

1. When deciding whether something is out of date, if it smells fine, eat it. Unless it's green then don't..
2. Always buy a metro ticket. Don't even risk it. I've learnt after 3 fines, even if the metro is there and you don't have time to buy one, BUY ONE. 
3. Don't take your card out on a night out, you will overspend and be the nice 'hey guys this ones on me!' and regret it fully in the morning. 
4. If you're gonna eat some of your housemates food, do try and replace it. They will like you a lot more. 
5. Try and budget.. ish... I sound like your mother. But blowing your whole loan in a month may be a fabulous idea at the time but not for the following months after...
6. Berocca is the cure for hangovers. I swear by it. That or the superdrug own version which is much cheaper.
7. Fancy dress is a must. You will need it, especially for Halloween!
8. Don't shop when hungover, I'm not sure if this applies to everyone, but I seem to purchase very unnecessary things.
9. Hot water bottle and blanket for those winter months is essential.
10. Take your bins out. You don't want any extra friends like we had :(

And finally some Geordie slang
Mortal = Drunk
I Cannit = I can't
Divvnt = Don't
Bairn = Baby
Radgy = A chav
Us/Is = me
Howay man = Is like a positive/negative phrase. Im not too sure on it yet either
Pet = What I am called by old geordie men when working
Doylem = idiot

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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Coachella weekend 2

So right now I'm horrifically jet-lagged after a long 24 hours of travelling home from the greatest festival in California. After camping out in the desert (without a sleeping mat, hence a sore back) and falling asleep in the sun resulting in severe sunburn, I have had one of the best weekends of my life.
Day 1
We awoke in a 5* resort hotel after being stranded at night and not being able to make it to set up camp. It was worth the money trust me. After travelling to the lake campsite and setting up, we hitched a lift to the festival. First off, there was no mud which was wonderful to see compared to back home. Secondly, it seemed that 90% of the festival goers were relatively sober, probably due to the 36C heat. After seeing a little bit of Bastille and Aloe Blacc we went straight to the front for Ellie Goulding, who may I say, truly outdid herself. It was weirdly satisfying to see her get emotional from the crowd. Next was Martin Garrix, and Girl Talk, who I'd never heard of but really got the crowd going. Finally Outkast came out, and after hearing rumors they were 'disappointing' I can say that rumor was a pile of bullshit. Maybe not on top form like they were years ago but their set was unreal.
Day 2
8am awoken. No alarm clock, just stifling heat. We go to shower which we find out you need quarters for. Being tourists we only have cash and no taxi drivers carry change. Brilliant, no showers for us then. Our camping neighbors were kind enough to provide us with ice, and we sat pre-drinking in front of the lake for a good 4 hours before we set off the the festival... As soon as we got in we shoved our faces with pizza being the drunks we were, and went to the cleanest festival toilets I've ever seen. The Coachella toilets have seat covers. You don't get them at 5* hotels here! Highlights were Pharrell Williams (JAY-Z CAME OUT), MGMT and Fat Boy Slim.
Day 3 FINAL DAY nooooo
We did not want to leave. Again we pre-drank happily, and set off with a lift from some camping friends, never have I ever been so boiling hot in all my life. The great thing about Coachella is they have free water you refill all day, and all plastic and food packaging is recycled. We saw a bit of AlunaGeorge, Rudimental and John Newman before seeing Calvin Harris who was unbelievable, and Disclosure who surprised the crowd with Mary J Blige, and Lana Del Ray. We were sad to leave, but after breathing in so much dust, we had become ill and run down. I will definitely have to visit again in a couple of years, and I would definitely recommend a hotel rather than camping in the sweltering heat. 

View from our camping, love my fat foot.


Hollywood isn't so Hollywood...

So two weeks ago now, I jetted off with one of my best friends Lauren, to a week of sightseeing in Hollywood and surrounding area, to then go to Coachella. I've had the best time, but I thought before I do a generic 'Coachella review' post I'd tell you some realities of what I saw.

The gap between the rich and poor in Hollywood is big. As we walked from our hostel to the walk of fame (5 minutes away), we walked past several homeless, with all their personal belongings in a bin bag, and suddenly I felt a pang of guilt I'd spent so much on such a materialistic holiday, when these people had literally nothing. There seems to be a large number of people homeless, more than anywhere else I've ever been. Young girls, no more than 22/23 homeless and begging, or a guy with a sign saying 'homeless veteran trying to get money to go home so I can get back on my feet' (call me naive but that one really got me). It seems in Hollywood you either have it or don't, with the glamorous atmosphere turning dark at night. 

Monday, 31 March 2014

Excitement for L.A

So i'm off to l.a in 10 days.. to go to week 2 of Coachella festival. I can't quite believe it myself that i'm going, and I have so much to buy before I go!
I am torn between having more spending money and less nice clothes and vice versa!
This is my first time to America, and also my first time saving for the WHOLE holiday.
Yes for the last 4 months I have solidly been working 25-40 hours a week whilst juggling university (you can just call me superwoman).
If anyone knows of any places in L.A to visit please give me a shout!
peace x